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​What's the Best Way to Pick a Steak?

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To choose the best steak, pay attention to the type of cut and the grade - as well as a few things that are not so obvious.

Here's what to keep in mind if you want a classic steak to grill or panfry.

1. Get to know the cuts, which are sold under many different names:

Tenderloin, also known as filet, is boneless and is the most expensive

Strip, also known as New York, is boneless and has real beef flavour

T-bone and porterhouse, which are similar, have a large bone

Rib steak (with a bone) and rib eye (boneless) are fattier, with rich flavour

Top sirloin is leaner and less expensive.

2. Determine how tender you like your steak. The most tender cuts come from the part of the animal that gets the least exercise. From most tender to least tender: tenderloin, strip, porterhouse and T-bone, rib, top sirloin.

3. Use the Australian Department of Agriculture's grades as a basic guide to quality. Prime beef has the most marbling, or fat within the meat, but is found mainly in restaurants, rarely in grocery stores. Choice, with good levels of marbling, is juicy and tender, and the most widely available. Select tends to be leaner and less flavorful, and dries out more easily.

4. Check with your butcher to find out if the meat has been aged, which tenderises and mellows the flavour.

5. Allow at least 115-130grams of steak per serving - double or triple that for hungry eaters, or if the steak contains a bone.

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