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Types of Spicy Sausages

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With so many types of cured meats and sausages out there that can be used for all types of dishes and cuisines, we thought it would be useful to share with our customers some of the basic characteristics of the most common types.


  • Chorizo is spicy and seasoned with a lot of chilli, paprika and vinegar
  • Mexican and Spanish chorizo differ in taste and texture
  • Spanish chorizo comes cooked and is more commonly used for tapas
  • Mexican chorizo comes uncooked and is much softer (like a traditional sausage)
  • Chorizo can be used in a range of dishes including Mexican stew, spicy pasta sauce and as a pizza topping


  • Salami is fully cooked and is harder than chorizo
  • Cured sausage where the meat is fermented, salted and air-dried
  • Comes from the Italian word meaning ‘to salt’
  • Milder flavour than pepperoni or chorizo
  • Hungarian salami contains garlic and paprika or chilli powder
  • Danish salami is slightly milder and has a more smoky taste
  • Great in sandwiches


  • Pepperoni is southern Italian salami and comes from the word meaning ‘bell peppers’ – as it contains capsicum
  • Usually contains pork and beef although this can differ between countries
  • Great for use on pizzas and on antipasto platters


  • Cabanossi is a dry, smoked sausage similar to a mild salami
  • Made from pork and beef and contains mild seasoning
  • Great sliced up as a snack or appetiser or as a pizza topping

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