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Confused about Lamb?

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Depending on what you are cooking – tagine, casserole, curries – the various cuts of lamb can bring out the best flavours. Getting to know the types of lamb cuts available is important to maximise taste.

Here are some of the most commonly found cuts of lamb. You can always talk to the Wato’s team for guidance on selecting the best piece of meat for your next meal.

Square-Cut Shoulder

  • Flavourful, marbled meat with a slight sweetness
  • Less tender than other cuts
  • Good for long, slow roasting or braising
  • Great for roasts, stews, burgers

Arm Shoulder Chop

  • Inexpensive cut with marbling
  • Tastes great marinated or pan-fried

Fore Shank

  • Muscular bottom portion of the leg
  • Best for slow braises that require rich flavours

Neck Slices

  • Usually come as thick, bone-in slices
  • Inexpensive and flavourful
  • Best for stews and braises


  • Inexpensive, rectangular-shaped cut consisting of meat and rib bones
  • Often sold trimmed as spareribs
  • Boneless breast can be stuffed or rolled and then braised or roasted

Rack of Lamb

  • Usually comprising seven or eight ribs from the centre of the lamb
  • Great for roasting and BBQs

Rib Chops

  • Can vary in size
  • Tender, lean, pink meat and a thick layer of flavourful fat

Loin Chops

  • T-bone steaks contain loin and tenderloin
  • Lean, tender and often the more pricier cuts
  • Best served grilled because they develop a tasty crust with a juicy centre
  • Whole loin is called a saddle
  • Two loin chops attached by the backbone are called an English chop

Sirloin Chop

  • Thick, inexpensive steaks cut from the fat, sirloin end of the lamb's leg and hip
  • Good for grilling and BBQs


  • Generous cut available in several different forms: sirloin end, shank end, short leg, and frenched
  • Great for grilling and roasting

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